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6-cylinders in line, 4-stroke, water-cooled, direct injection, turbocharged, air-to-air intercooled

Rated Power

192kW (260hp) @ 2300rpm

Max. Torque

1000N.m @ 1400rpm

Bore & Stroke




Emission Rating


Compression Ratio


Specific Fuel Consumption


Air Compressor

380L/min @  2300rpm

Lube Oil System

Full flow oil filter, centrifugal oil filter, turbocharger oil filter

Starting System

Starter: 24V 6kW
Alternator: 28V 2kW, with built-in regulator
Cold starting aid: grid-type pre-heater

Air Intake System

Dual paper element air filter with air restriction indicator

Fuel Supply System

One frame-mounted primary fuel filter and two engine-mounted secondary fuel filters
Fuel Tank Capacity: 400L

Exhaust System

Modular box-type muffler with flexible pipe

Cooling System

Radiator: tube-type aluminum radiator with coolant
recovery tank
Fan: Lightweight plastic with viscous type drive


 --Dry single Φ430mm plate
 --Diaphragm spring
 --Hydraulic control with air assist
 --Non-asbestos composite friction material

 --Shanxi Fuller 8JS118 mechanical transmission with auxiliary case, 8 forward speeds and 1
 --Ratios: 1st 11.40, 2nd 7.94, 3rd 5.63, 4th 4.06, 5th 2.81, 6th 1.96, 7th 1.39, 8th 1.00,
    Rev. 11.35

Front axle
 --Drop forged "I" beam, rear mounted tie rod
 --Rated axle capacity: 14000 kg
 --Integral power steering, tilt and telescopic steering column
 --Suspension: Semi-elliptic multi-leaf springs with Φ40mm telescopic double acting shock
 --7.50V-20 steel disc wheels and 11.00R20-16PR tires (Single, bias tube-type)

Rear axle
 --Ф457 cast axle, 5.286 ratio, full-floating
 --Rated axle capacity: 23000 kg
 --Suspension: Semi-elliptic multi-leaf springs with auxiliary springs
 --7.50V-20 steel disc wheels and 11.00R20-16PR tires (Dual, bias tube-type)

 --Front and rear dual-circuit independent air brake system with air dryer
 --Reservoirs: One 25L steel reservoir and four 35L steel reservoirs
 --Service brakes: Air actuated, drum type, brake drum inner diameter: 400mm
 --Brake shoe width: Front 135mm, rear 200mm
 --Parking brake: Pneumatically controlled spring brakes, operated by manually actuated valve in
    conjunction with quick release valve, acting on rear wheels
 --Exhaust brake: Electrically controlled, pneumatically activated butterfly valve in exhaust pipe

 --Ladder type, channel section side rails
 --Cross section dimensions: 320×90×8mm (with 5mm inner reinforcement)
 --Assembled width: 865mm in the front and rear

 --Model J5M all steel welded COE (cab over engine) design, high roof with double bunk and
    sunroof, 2-point spring/hydraulic suspension, 44 degree hydraulic cab tilt system with safety
 --Cab glass: Laminated windshield and tempered side & rear windows
 --Windshield wipers: 3-blade, electric-driven, 2 speed & intermittent
 --Driver seat: Height, position & seat back angle adjustable with helical suspension, cloth with
    head rest
 --Passenger seat: Back angle adjustable with helical spring, cloth with high back
 --Seat Belts: Driver & passenger, 3-point type
 --AM/FM stereo radio with cassette
 --Meters & Gauges: Speedometer, tachometer, coolant temperature gauge, air pressure gauge
    Warning Lights & Buzzers: Cab lock warning light & buzzer; Low coolant level warning
    light & buzzer ; Low oil pressure warning light & buzzer; Low air pressure warning
    light & buzzer;  Parking brake indicator light

Electrical system
 --24 Volt, negative ground system
 --Battery: 6-QAW-150D, capacity: 2×150A.h
 --Combination halogen headlamps/marker lamps
 --Combination stop, tail and back-up lamps with reflector

Weights (kg)
 --Curb weight: 13100
 --Front dual axle curb weight: 6060
 --Rear dual axle curb weight: 7040
 --Load capacity: 20000

Dimensions (mm)
 --Overall dimensions (length × width × height): 11990×2490×3940
 --Body inner dimensions (length × width × height): 9500×2300×800
 --Track (front/rear): 1914/1847
 --Wheelbase: 1900+4500+1350
 --Front overhang: 1375
 --Back of cab to tandem axle center: 7075
 --Rear axle center to end of frame: 2520

 --Top speed: 83km/h
 --Fuel consumption at 70km/h with full load: 30L/100km
 --Min. turning radius: 11.9m
 --Max. outside noise level under acceleration: 84dB(A)
 --Min. ground clearance: 245mm

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