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Dongfeng CAPTAIN-T Light Truck Achieves Zero Breakthrough in Sales in Russia

Date:2022-10-13 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

RUSSIA(chinatrucks) -- Dongfeng started sales of CAPTAIN-T light commercial vehicle in Russia in July 2022. After months of efforts, it has now received its first volume order.

In August, it ranks ninth among Chinese auto brands in Russia and is the only commercial vehicle brand on the list.

The Russian autonews reported that “Dongfeng CAPTAIN-T light commercial vehicles have emerged as a “dark horse” in the top ten most popular Chinese brands in Russia in August, according to rating conducted by the European Business Association.”

Dongfeng CAPTAIN-T is powered by a 2237 cc inline four-cylinder turbodiesel. see environmental class Euro-5. The engine develops 128 hp. at 3000 rpm and 315 Nm of torque developed from 2000 rpm. The unit is equipped with direct injection with a common rail, a particulate filter and an exhaust gas converter.

The transmission uses a five-speed manual gearbox paired with a dry single-plate clutch. The main pair uses a hypoid gearbox with a gear ratio of 4.875:1. The front and rear suspensions of Dongfeng CAPTAIN-T are made according to a dependent scheme on longitudinal leaf springs. This design ensures the reliability of the vehicle at full load and ease of maintenance. The brake system of the front axle is equipped with disc mechanisms, while the rear axle has drum mechanisms. The package includes anti-lock braking system ABS and ESC. Steering - rack and pinion with hydraulic booster. The car is equipped with tires of dimension 185R15LT, and on the rear axle dual tires are used.

Dongfeng CAPTAIN-T is available in Russia in the Comfort package. A comfortable double cabin meets modern requirements for the driver's workplace. The steering wheel has a height adjustment, for convenience, the multimedia system control keys are duplicated on the steering wheel. The list of equipment includes air conditioning, power windows, heated driver's seat and an audio system with 2 speakers and an AUX connector. The set of lighting equipment includes halogen headlights, LED running lights, fog lights front and rear. The package includes an immobilizer and the ERA-Glonass system.

Dongfeng CAPTAIN-T is offered in Russia in three versions. The price of the DFA1030S-1 chassis with a gross weight of up to 2.5 tons starts at 1,690,00 rubles, the DFA1030S-2 chassis with a gross weight of up to 3.5 is estimated at 1,829,000 rubles. In addition, the 2.5-ton version of the DFA1030S-1 can be purchased in a complete version with an all-metal side platform with dimensions of 3400x1920x355 mm. The cost of this version is 1,790,000 rubles.

The new Dongfeng CAPTAIN-T is addressed primarily to private carriers and transport companies that deliver small consignments in metropolitan areas and suburbs. The universal frame design allows you to install various types of bodies on the chassis, which greatly expands the scope of use. Equipped with Russian-made add-ons, Dongfeng CAPTAIN-T are designed to become one of the most affordable offers in the class of light trucks of the N1 category.


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