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SAIC Hongyan Delivered 150 Full Electric Trucks to Its Customer

Date:2021-09-03 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

CHINA, September 3, 2021 /chinatrucks.com/ -- On September 2, SAIC Hongyan delivered 150 units of full electric heavy-duty trucks powered by chaging-swapping battery, to its customer in Cangzhou city, Heibei province. This marks the third batch of Hongyan’s new engery heavy-duty trucks delivered in the year in Heibei province, following the first batch in the city of Wu’an and the second delivery in Tangshan city.

SAIC Hongyan Delivered 150 Full Electric Trucks to Customer in Heibei Province

Since 2009, SAIC Hongyan has started cooperation with Cangzhou China Railway, one of the leading players in railway equipment manufacturing industry. Prior to this delivery, the company had purchased more than 300 Hongyan LNG/diesel dump trucks, for transporting goods from the steel plant to the freight yard. These trucks are  highly recognized for their reliability and the owner also praised them for the fuel economy they delivered. Building on the existing close cooperative relationship between the parties, as well as Hongyan’s marketing performance and competitive advantage in the field, Cangzhou China Railway therefore decided to make another purchase of 150 Hongyan rechargeable/swapping tractors and dumpers for hauling steel coils, mineral powder and other materials.

According to the experts' calculations, if an average annual driving distance is over 100,000km, Hongyan full electric truck can offer 40,000 liters reduction in fuel consumption and some 105 tonnes reduction in carbon emissions than that from vehicles powered by traditional fuels.

Hongyan’s charging-swapping trucks are prticularly applicable for short haul tranport due to its high speed, quick acceleration and quick replacement of battery. The battery is provided by CATL and its energy density is up to 282 kW•h and can be replaced in 3 to 5 minutes. The rated power the motor produce is at 250 kW, and peak power is at 360 kW. At the same time, different modula charging/replacement solutions that support a range of 80km, 160km and 200km can be provided according to the companies needs.

Under the guidance of China's dual carbon target, Hongyan will further accelerate its pace of local innovation and make bigger contribution to China's remarkable journey of green development and industry transformation.


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