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Hande Staffs Make Efforts to Achieve Good Start in 1st Quarter

Date:2016-03-28 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: The “Reversed Cold Weather” in the north of China still cannot prevent the exciting start of the heavy-duty truck industry in March, 2016. Confronting increasing pressure of economical downward and changeable situation in this industry, Hande accepts the challenge, subdivides the manufacturing and operation targets, delicately organized production and strengthen the basis of management. All of staffs of Hande spares no efforts to achieve the good start in the first quarter. The manufacturing amounts and sales volume of Hande was increased greatly in the first quarter, the manufacturing amount and sales volume in February increased by 24% compared with the same period of last year. It is estimated that the total manufacturing amount and sales volume of axle assembly in the first quarter will reach 70,000, which will increase by 25% compared with the same period of last year.

Hande improves the build of product platforms and makes great efforts to achieve the upgrading of products. It will complete the consulting program of Huawei’s transformation, regard the success in market as the development orientation of products, promote the transformation of research and development. Besides, it will strengthen the technological development to complete the plan of electrical axles. It developed the 5-ton electrical axle and finished all of the related trials. Moreover, it will widen the product platforms and complete the development of HDZ340; continue to improve the 485, 469 and two-grade axle, enhanced the ability of adapting to market for products. Meanwhile, it actively carry out the market strategy of “Promoting the main plant with the final end”, develop the demand of end users, implement the quality upgrading of passenger car axle and promote the platform construction of passenger cars.

Hande will strengthen the coordination of manufacturing systems, continuously promote the upgrading of product quality. It will strengthen the plan of quality upgrading, gradually enhance the target date of manufacturing plan by the aid of EMS data system, continuously improve the monitoring evaluation and management during the process of quality upgrading; improve the development management of new products and program trial proving; enhance the building and management of training system, complete the training strategy program and examining of systematic training; carry out the working effectiveness evaluation of manufacturing system, manage the program of cost statistics, build and complete the module standards of cost; strengthen the construction of supply chain platforms, promote the standardization and informatization of purchasing and supplying process, improve the efficiency of purchasing and supplying. It will also realize the systematic management of purchasing and supplying process, develop the smart phone APP application and business monitoring, improve the purchasing and supplying efficiency increased by over 30%. Moreover, it will improve the management rules of new products, strengthen the monitoring of the trial manufacturing of new products, promote the application of FAEM, improve the quality of newly developed products.

Hande will strengthen the quality management, realize the transformation of quality management. It will promote the transformation of quality management by improving the after-sales service, quality controlling and specialized management. It will also continuously improve the files of quality management systems, optimize the related work and strengthen the monitoring and implementation by combining the optimized result of management and management process of IPD programs; continuously promote the improvement of the after-sales services, improve the quality of products, track the implementation of programs regularly; pay more attention to the troubles and important problems of the improvement of the after-sales service during the quality management, carry out the improvement comprehensively. Besides, it will improve the product quality during manufacturing by carrying out the evaluation of products before production and carrying out the related trials of axle assembly; strengthen the controlling of new products development and product evaluation, carry out the development during various processes and evaluation of new products according to the related requirements.

Hande will stick to its core values, foster center enterprise culture for customers. It will stick to its core values by making use of the opportunity of “Service Customers”. It will strengthen the sense of customer-orientation of leaders and workers, build the customer-oriented, high-efficiency and harmonized enterprise culture. It will also carry out the systematic training of “Culture-Strategy-Market-Customer”, promote the activity of “Service customers, enhance the satisfaction of customers”, give out the “Satisfaction standards for all departments and units, build the re-visiting to internal customers system., improve the customers sense and work efficiency of staffs; make good use of the advantages of coordinated platforms of party, staffs to solve the problems for customers, carry out the voting of star staffs every quarter, vote the excellent staffs and build models. What’s more, it will combine its culture with systems, improve the ability of solving problems in short time, continuously improve the satisfaction of customers to realize the combination of culture and management.


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