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Sales of Hande Axle up 17% Jan to June

Date:2014-08-28 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Facing more and more complex market situations, Hande Axle is responding actively and improve the comprehensive strengthens of the whole company.

Innovation is the everlasting source of power for the company and they set flat and high efficient theme in the early period of this year and they are placing all the new develop organizations based on the provincial technology center and post-doctoral innovation platform and they integrate advantageous resources and analyses the situation and set up new technology center to strengthen the key parts research and improve development efficiency. 

Driven by "quality upgrades", Hande Axle is using nine modules on production, purchase and quality to boost production management and improve staffs ability and they also set performance appraising system on production, supply, device, machine and assembly to realize defamation of the production system management mode and establish equipment inventory management and control mode.

Sales of Hande axles increased by 17% in China in the first half year and they are actively exploring international markets and after sales services and made breakthrough on key markets and customers and entered international supply system for their end users.


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