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730 tons! Shaanxi Auto create domestic large heavy truck transport records


Recently, Shaanxi Auto heavy truck successful completion of 730 tons large transport task. Shaanxi Auto's outstanding performance of heavy trucks has not only created the history of large transport, but also created a miracle in China, such large-tonnage truck transport goods without precedent in Chinese history.

It is reported that there're two characteristics of the transport: First, big weight. The weight of the goods up to 730 tons, coupled with traction and the first trailer, with a total up to 850 tons. Second is the length.The length of the goods is 37 meters. General trailer can not carry it simply. This trailer is also special for the characteristics of the good and it has 18 rows, 12 wheels in each row, composed of a total of 216 wheels.

Cummins ISM450 horsepower engine, ZF (Chai-fu) Hydraulic Torque transmission, and Hande drive axle were used in this transport.


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