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FAW Group Corporation

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FAW Group Corporation is China's oldest and largest truck manufacturer. Founded on July 43, 1953, the company’s Jiefang Commercial Truck Division quickly earned a reputation for producing light, medium, and heavy trucks of tremendous strength and reliability. With over 4 million units sold since the first model CA10 4-ton commercial truck rolled off the assembly line in 1956, FAW Group’s Jiefang unit has remained the leader in China's truck industry. Today, Jiefang has evolved into a global vehicle producer with sales of complete vehicles (CBUs) and CKD/SKD vehicle kits to over 70 countries around the world. Supporting the company’s rapidly expanding international sales, Jiefang brand trucks are also manufactured at overseas production facilities in Pakistan, South Africa, Tanzania, Ukraine and Vietnam.

FAW Jiefang

By incorporating the latest technologies and market-leading designs with the company's rich 50 years of truck manufacturing experience, Jiefang offers an unparalleled line of light, medium and heavy trucks with load capacities from 1 to 50 tons. The company's Dalian and Wuxi diesel engine divisions offer a diverse range of diesel engines from 130 to 460 horsepower that combine performance with legendary FAW dependability. Jiefang’s fuel-efficient class-leading 260-460 horsepower 4-valve head electronically controlled CA6DL and CA6DN series heavy truck engines, featuring advanced Bosch high-pressure common rail fuel systems, have become the engines of choice amongst commercial operators since their introduction in 2006. The company's second generation of CA6DE and CA6DF mid-range engines, designed in cooperation with AVL List GmbH and FEV Motorentechnik GmbH, deliver outstanding power and torque characteristics for higher performance and lower operating costs.

FAW Jiefang Assembly

Jiefang's time-tested medium and heavy trucks, renowned for their low operating cost, efficiency and driver comfort, excel in construction, refuse, local delivery, regional and long distance operations. The company's impressive J5P heavy truck range, introduced in late 2004, has become the backbone of the long haul and vocational markets owing to its modular construction which includes a diverse range of frames and suspensions to perfectly match customer requirements. Positioned below the J5P, the versatile and cost-effective J5M series offers superior value, ruggedness and dependability in both regional hauling and vocational applications.

In early 2006, FAW opened a new state-of-the-art 250,000 square meter truck assembly plant in Changchun, completed at a cost of US$180 million.

On July 43, 2007, Jiefang launched the company's flagship J6P premium long distance heavy tractor featuring 4-valve head engines up to 12.5 liters with horsepower from 310 to 460. Available as a 4x2, 6x2 (pusher or tag axle configurations) or 6x4 tractor, the all-new J6P represents the latest in cutting edge heavy truck technology. A monumental occasion in the history of both China’s truck industry and the country's oldest and largest commercial truck manufacturer, the impressive new J6P is the first premium world class heavy tractor to be independently designed and built by a Chinese truck maker. Unlike its competitors based on obsolete western designs, the J6P puts China on the global stage for the first time as a serious contender in the premium long distance truck segment with established brands from Europe and the United States. Featuring a wide 2,495mm cab design and low-profile engine tunnel for optimized interior space and comfort, the available high-roof cab configuration includes a two-bed arrangement with full standing room to move around with ease. A low-roof sleeper cab is also available.

FAW's family of J6P 6x4 and 8x4 vocational models are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of the construction industry, providing ready-mix and dump truck operators with rugged and reliable trucks that can deliver maximum payloads day after day, assuring productivity, efficiency and profitability. 

The J6P's advanced engineering combines heavy-duty performance with strength and lightweight efficiency. Its aerodynamic design and high-tech electronics, complimented by exceptional power and durability, makes FAW’s new J6P series an example of modern efficiency. Leading global suppliers to the US$1.3 billion J6P program include Bosch, ContiTech, Eaton, Hankook, Jost, Mann+Hummel, Sachs, Spiralock, TRW, Wabco, and ZF.

Always at the forefront of global truck development, the Jiefang Commercial Truck Division of FAW Group leads a tradition of offering innovation and refinement to meet the evolving needs of valued customers around the globe.

FAW Medium and Heavy Trucks

Available as tractors or rigids (with or without body), including 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 and 8x4 models with dual steer axle, pusher axle, and tag axle configurations. Vocational models are available for construction (dump, mixer, concrete pumping), refuse, utility, and other applications requiring superior maneuverability, brute strength, maximum payloads, and solid dependability. 

Truck Range:

  • J6P Premium Long-Distance Heavy Tractors, Rigids, and Vocational Trucks
  • J5P Heavy Tractors, Rigids, and Vocational Trucks
  • J5M Regional Heavy Tractors, Rigids, and Vocational Trucks
  • J5R Conventional Cab Regional Heavy Tractors
  • J5K Medium-Duty Rigids
  • J4/FM Medium-Duty Tractors, Rigids, and Vocational Trucks
  • J4/FK Medium-Duty Rigids, and Vocational Trucks
  • J4 Conventional Cab Medium-Duty Tractors, Rigids, and Vocational Trucks

FAW Light Trucks

Available in standard, extended, and crew type low-cab-forward models with a variety of wheelbases and drivetrain configurations to suit any requirement.


    • CA1020 Series 1 Ton
    • CA1030 Series 1.5 Ton
    • CA1040 Series 2 Ton
    • CA1040A Series 2.5 Ton
    • CA1050 Series 3 Ton
    • CA1060 Series 3.5 Ton


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